The Weird Story of Waldemar the Warlock by enComplot » MAC version and more — Kickstarter

A horrific evening to you, backers, friends and lovers of all things occult!  We want to launch this space by giving you all a big thank you for your comments and for the support you are showering us with! If The Weird Story of Waldemar The Warlock is starting to show a little hint of colour and life on its wilted cheeks, it is thanks to all of you! Now for our first announcement: Our demo is now also available for MAC. You can download it from the same place in our site. Mac users, enjoy!The PC version on there is also an updated one, as we fixed some translation glitches in the german version :) Yesterday, a new version of Visionaire, the mystical engine we're using to develop the game, was freed after a long wait. It's still too early to make any promises, but maybe you'll be able to make the journey to Groldavia from your bed or when on the metro... without the need of conjuring any dark forces, just with an iOS or Android device!We also want to take this opportunity to answer a few recurring questions: Will the game be DRM free? Yes, the game itself will of course be, certainly the one our backers will download as soon as we are done and the retail version too.But, we intend to launch the game on several platforms, including both Steam and GOG and each of them have their own conditions that apply. Speaking of Steam, we will keep you posted so you can see us start our Greenlight campaign and get involved!Quite a few penguins have been asking about Linux portability, and all we can say for now is, we certainly hope so! We will keep asking for it and as soon as it it possible we will of course implement it!

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