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How do we handle images in responsive designs?Establishing Context0:00 - What do we mean by Responsive Design?1:20 - What do we mean by Mobile First?Responsive Technology3:00 - CSS mechanisms4:55 - HTML mechanismsSolutions?6:55 - Solution requirements8:28 - Current Solutions9:30 - HTML only?10:07 - JS attempts15:04 - Involving the serverAdaptive Images20:13 - Adaptive Images22:27 - How it works27:23 - Customising (including iPad3)27:55 - Limitations36:50 - AI successes and failuresThe Future39:36 - The Future for responsive images41:43 - HTML Picture Tag - what is it?44:22 - Problems with Picture47:09 - Problems with our responsive approach?This is a run-through of a talk I originally gave at Standards Next a few weeks ago. It's not as smooth as that talk as I'm a few weeks out of practice and pretty tired right now; but hopefully it's useful to you (it's also 10min longer than the real talk was, sorry!).http://adaptive-images.com This talk was based on AI 1.4, the latest version is 1.5 which includes enhanced support for Retina devices.

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