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_______________________________________________Artist:Chris Cornell (Soundgarden/Audioslave/Temple Of The Dog)Album:Chris Cornell - Unplugged In SwedenCountry:U.S.A. (Recorded in Sweden,Live @ O'Baren,Stockholm)Year: 2006 ________________________________________________*** Note: Since all of the individual tracks on this album are freely but seperately available on Youtube anyways,i have decided to upload the *full album* for all of you fans out there.Enjoy! (-_-) _________________________________________________*** Disclaimer: I do not own any of this material. All rights,credits,kudos and respect belong to Chris Cornell.__________________________________________________WE LOVE YOU CHRIS.Tracklist:01) Doesn't Remind Me (Chris Cornell) 1:0302) Like A Stone (Chris Cornell) 5:3103) Wide Awake (Chris Cornell) 10:1704) Fell On Black Days (Soundgarden) 14:1905) Be Yourself (Chris Cornell) 18:5806) Billie Jean (Michael Jackson Cover) 23:2107) Original Fire (Chris Cornell) 27:4908) Redemption Song (Bob Marley Cover) 31:4909) Peace,Love And Understanding (Elvis Costello Cover) 35:1810) All Night Thing (Temple Of The Dog) 37:4011) Black Hole Sun (Soundgarden) 41:3712) Call Me A Dog (Temple Of The Dog) 47:2413) Thank You (Led Zeppelin Cover) 52:11-End-Chris Cornell Walmart Soundcheck Videos: acoustic songs.Good quality)___________________________________________________

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