ExamiNation: a short documentary on Vimeo


ExamiNation is a short documentary film about the notorious South Korean college entrance exam, Sooneung (수능). Can one exam dictate a culture and lifestyle in a country? The film shows you it's possible. Almost all high school students in Korea prepare for this rigorous and extremely competitive 8-hour exam that happens once a year. On this day, the whole country will pause for these students to take this life-changing exam. The film captures the experience of Korean high school students through a day in the life of one particular student working toward this exam.LIKE us to stay connected! http://www.facebook.com/examinationshortdocThe film was made in 2010/2011 by Judy Suh and her crew mostly consisting of Northwestern University students. Judy is an undergraduate studying Radio/TV/Film and Art. As a Korean American, she was interested in telling a story from her cultural background through this documentary. She also makes narrative films, animations, and other experimental work as well. She loves hearing comments from people!Please e-mail her questions and comments at:judydy.s@gmail.com

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