Inside Daedelic's adventure games revival: "They are more literature than games" | PCGamesN

Once upon a time adventure games ruled the roost. They were among the most popular, the most intelligent and the most critically-acclaimed games to grace the PC. While they never truly went away, it’s fair to say that they’re relegated to a niche interest.One developer forcing his crowbar into that niche is Jan Mueller-Michaelis, the creative director of the German studio Daedalic Entertainment. Daedalic currently has over 100 staff working across a range of new adventure games. As we talked about their next release, the fantasy adventure The Night of the Rabbit, Mueller-Michaelis had a lot to say about what the genre can offer gamers, as well as the ways in which he believes this often unheralded area of old school gaming can wipe the floor with modern, high-budget titles. Page : 1

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