Potential Periodic VS Competition Query.


I'm wanting some feedback on whether or not any of you would be interested in a periodically organized competition in which the winner gets to pick the theme & set the rules for the next competition. There will be prizes too.The general idea of the competition is similar to the MAGS (Monthly Adventure Game Studio Competition). I'm hoping it will also generate a little bit more interest in Visionaire Studio, as well as a bit more activity around the forum & productivity in general.The actual point of the competition is not for you to hand in a completed master piece of a game by the time the competition is over, it's just a bit of fun to see what you can come up with over a specified amount of time with some set rules in place. Unfinished entries will still be valid providing they meet the minimum rule criteria.All submitted games must be in English. Other languages should only be added as optional secondaries. It doesn't matter if your English is not so good - most of us can read broken English anyway. ;)Here's a quick example of what the rules could look like for a competition:theme: a day in the life of a video game developerrules:* at least 3 rooms / scenes* at least 1 interactive npc* at least 1 dialog* third person (only)Right... & now onto the questionnaire.

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