Rush- Caravan w/ lyrics

Rush's new single Caravan from their upcoming 2011 album Clockwork Angels.Recorded: 2010Release date: April 1, 2010Lyrics for Caravan & BU2B: a world lit only by fireLong train of flares under piercing starsI stand watching the steamliners roll byThe caravan thunders onwardTo the distant dream of the cityThe caravan carries me onwardOn my way at lastOn my way at lastI can't stop thinking bigI can't stop thinking bigOn a road lit only by fireGoing where I want, instead of where I shouldI peer out at the passing shadowsCarried through the night into the cityWhere a young man has a chance of making goodA chance to break from the pastThe caravan thunders onwardStars winking through the canvas hoodOn my way at lastIn a world where I feel so smallI can't stop thinking bigNo copyright infringement intended.

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