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You may have seen this article about how sports scientists have devised a 7 (actually more like 8 if you include the short breaks) minute workout that is supposed to be as effective as a much longer cardio workout. Here's the article:'re supposed to do each of the 12 exercises for 30 seconds each, with 10 seconds in between. The other main thing is that you're supposed to keep your energy level at a 8-9 the whole time; in other words - PUSH IT. I tried it a few times and found that it was difficult to get the timing right. I was using my phone and it was seriously interrupting my flow to keep checking how much time had elapsed while doing each exercise. So I decided to make this video. It sings to you, tries to inspire you with funny metaphors for each exercise, and most importantly, it gives you audio cues with regards to timing. USE IT! YAY! LET'S ALL GET IN SHAPE!http://jonathanmann.netFOLLOW me on Twitter: me on Facebook: my Google Voice #:(510) 402-6081SEND me stuff the old fashioned way:Jonathan Mann144 N. 7th St. PMB 128Brooklyn, NY 11249FOLLOW me on SoundCloud: me on Instagram: My username is jonathanmannBE on my mailing list: what they do on Google+: to my podcast:

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