Trip to Breakpoint - The Game | Final Trailer - YouTube

Download now fromhttp://triptobreakpoint.untergrund.netIt took a while since the release of the party version at Revision 2014, but here it is - the final version of T2BP! Happy new year 2015!NEW- updated the game to visionaire 4 which should run faster and more stable on most machines- music menu - listen to the whole sondtrack and sing along to Jeenio's fine lyrics!- hotspot display: hit space to see which objects you can interact with- insider mode: toggle it with F8 and get some background information about a game situation- actual feeding cup animation!- toggle in-game music by hitting M- lots of other stuff I forgot to note downFIXED- b0rken fonts- added missing sounds- Kareem won't run through the fire anymore- fixed lots of little logical mistakes that brought you to dead ends- lots of other stuff I forgot to note downDownload now from

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