Typography in Web Design: Using @font-face


Here's a tutorial on typography in web design and how to use the '@font-face' css rule WELL.!!! UPDATE !!!Courtesy of Paul Irish, here's the best syntax to use with @font-face for best performance in all browsers:************************************@font-face {font-family: 'Name_Of_Your_Font';/* Above we specify the font name to call later */src:url('/fonts/yourfont.eot?') format('eot'),url('/fonts/yourfont.otf') format('opentype'); /* above we show where the font is for Internet Explorer users in eot format, then show where it is for all other browsers in otf format. Internet explorer does not support otf. */}************************************NOTE: yes that '?' after the .eot file url is supposed to be there, not a typo.I've added comments to show you. The thing is, internet explorer does not support otf or ttf fonts. So convert to eot using same converter, and put it in the same directory, then fill in the blanks! :D

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