Double Fine Adventure! // Ron Gilbert's Words of Wisdom to Tim Schafer [FULL 35 MINUTES] - YouTube

For more details on how to back this project, click here! few weeks prior to launching his record-shattering Kickstarter campaign for a new Point-n-Click Graphic Adventure game, Tim Schafer sat down with his old boss and mentor, Ron Gilbert. Together, they look back on the genre they helped define and discussed what they did right, where they went wrong, and how they'll do things differently moving forward with the new game.If you enjoyed this video, we recommend visiting the game's Kickstarter page ( before March 13th and signing up for the $15 reward tier. This will earn you a copy of the finished game and exclusive, backer-only access to a documentary series we'll be producing about the game's development from start to finish.For more information about this project, please visit: more information on 2PP, please visit:http://www.2playerproductions.comWe can be followed on Twitter @2PProductions

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