Icehouse Demo - YouTube

THE ICEHOUSEis an online collective of indie creators. Our principle purpose is to gather together talented but currently unknown artists who share common ideas. Please have a look around, find out more about our projects of games, comic books and more, and if you have a personal project that is self-made with love, maybe we can work together? Ask us anything! is our 2015 demo, based on projects of indie games and short films from 2015, 2014 and before. You can find more details about our projects on our site, that is updated several times a week with news from our Members.At this day (February 2015), we are 5 permanent Members:Simon Says: Watch! Play! ( Cat ( (our manager)Ape Marina ( Studios ( follow us to learn more about these artists and their projects! Thank you!Music Sun Rays by SaReGaMa

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