Jon Gomm - Ain't Nobody (Chaka Khan) - YouTube

Song and guitar tab available only from can Pay What You Want for the song, and a percentage of what you pay goes to STEPS, a charity that supports people with clubfoot, hip dysplasia and other lower limb conditions, in honour of my beautiful niece Freya. is my cover of the Chaka Khan dancefloor classic from 1982. When I was a kid, I played gigs in pubs in Blackpool, and often my audience was mostly elderly ladies spending their pension money on bacardi! Quite often they'd tolerate my original songs and blues covers for only so long, and eventually a representative would be sent over to remonstrate with me. Excuse me young man, please can you play something we can dance to? So this is my emergency disco song. GET DOWN!The video was made at The Northern Film School by the superpeople Danielle Millea and Owen Plummer

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