Lose Yourself! In This 35-Min Cycling Workout - YouTube


Receive weekly workouts & awesome fit-body & healthy food tips sent to your inbox by subscribing at http://realfit.tv/#Lose Yourself is one of my all-time fave songs to climb to in spinning. (side note: beware of the f-bombs!) It's strong, it's progressive, I love it. & I thought it was an appropriate title since cycling is a way to escape & duck out from life once in awhile ;-) Today's workout is a little more than 30 minutes, but don't let that fool you. It can still be hardcore & as intense as you want to make it. BUT you can also use this one as a good starter workout to pace yourself. Grab your water bottle & towel...Here's the profile:1) Warm Up2) Rolling Hills3) 30 sec Intervals4) Climb with Power5) Jog & Jumps6) Sprints7) Cool-down8) Stretch

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